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Rochelle Bauer - Sole Trader

Mission Statement:
Over the years, Rochelle has realised the importance of taking the initiative in our own lives. Rochelle therefore encourages and facilitates people to reconnect with their Higher Selves and own spirituality in the here and now.

Rochelle ultimately stands for functioning within one’s Truth. It is her aspiration to help others find and live by their own Truth and to create with that Wisdom in their external world – for all of our Highest Will and Good.

Facilitating clients’ understanding of their whole selves opens doors to Self-Enlightenment and guides them on their own path to Self-Empowerment.

Rochelle is a Registered Nurse, who has been working as an Emergency Nurse in a busy metropolitan hospital since 2008. She completed her Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2.5 years, as well as a Graduate Diploma in Emergency Nursing (Stage 1 Masters level) and a Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Nursing.

Rochelle has made it her mission to encourage Health in Mind, Body, and Spirit. This has lead her to do further study in diversified areas.
Rochelle has been using Oracle Cards from a young age, and furthered her understanding in this area by becoming a Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue. She uses multiple decks at the same time in her readings in order to study issues from differing point of view (view her Instagram page AdelaideTeaLady for examples) - including decks by Australians Lucy Cavendish, Laura Bowen, and Alana Fairchild. Rochelle is studying the traditional Rider-Waite Tarot with her Reiki Master (Spiritual Intuitive and Medium) Ming-Lee.

Rochelle is also a Kriya Yoga Practitioner (read “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramahansa Yogananda for more information), and was fortunate enough to meet the Head of her Lineage, Paramahansa Prajnanananda, known to her and many others as Guru-ji at a Silent Retreat held in Sydney in May 2016. She has found Kriya Yoga to be helpful in sharpening her mind, energetic body and awareness, as well as has found many interesting friends through this avenue.

Reiki Master:
Rochelle is a traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master-Teacher who has been a Reiki Practitioner since 2006 (10 years in 2016). She has had local, interstate, as well as overseas clients. Reiki has helped Rochelle to develop self-awareness, self-respect and unconditional self-love. In addition, Reiki has assisted Rochelle with her personal and professional growth, and has helped her to stay grounded and connected within her community.

Rochelle has used Reiki as a base for her House and Business clearing abilities. With the help of Reiki, the loving Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guardians and Guides, Rochelle has not only helped confused disembodied beings to pass over (including children who wanted to go to their families, naughty teenagers, a confused elderly lady who thought there were “intruders” in her home, and an elderly drunkard who would attach himself to others to get the “buzz” of alcohol at pubs), but has helped a poltergeist (noisy ghost) to obtain forgiveness from her daughter before passing over, via Facebook messages. Rochelle has experience with closing portals between dimensions and removing energetic parasites. She has also helped people to experience and learn from their own past life experiences themselves.

Rochelle enjoys being invited to be a bridge between the loving Angelic and other realms and those requesting guidance here on Earth (for our Highest Will and Good) – however she always encourages people to focus on what will work personally for themselves. She does her calling through face-to-face contact, as well as through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest – as “AdelaideTeaLady” and “Rochelle Bauer”), video-calls, emails, and Messenger, generally with a pot of tea at the ready.

Rochelle enjoys Tea and Travelling. She has been travelling to multiple continents with family and friends since she was 2 weeks old, and has a healthy respect for different cultures, food, and thought-patterns. During her trip to Sweden, her Swedish Mamma introduced her to the joys of Fika with flavoured tea, and the rest is history. Rochelle enjoys different flavoured teas and tisanes, and has friends from all over the world sending her different teas to try. Rochelle travels with a travel tea-pot, and even shares tea at work with her work-mates. Her dream is to become a Tea Master and hold Traditional Tea Ceremonies in Japan in the future.

Rochelle has a healthy fascination with Japan; due to studying Japan and Japanese Culture in Primary School, visiting the Adelaide-Himeji Japanese Gardens with her Father as a child, and being a Japanese Host Sister growing-up. Rochelle has been to Japan 3 times with her husband. From February-May 2016 Rochelle and her husband lived in Japan on Working Holiday Visas – travelling to Hokkaido for The Sapporo Snow Festival, exploring The Nikka Whiskey Factory, and visiting Otaru for the Ice Sculptures and lights at night. Having travelled around Hiroshima, Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto, Nara, Himeji, “The Castle in the Sky”, and Hamamatsu, Rochelle and her husband settled in Ikebukuro within the Tokyo Circle-line and taught English to interested Japanese people. Rochelle even enjoyed teaching back-to-back Advanced English Conversation Classes with Managers from Rakuten – a multi-national company.

Rochelle has also travelled to Japan by herself, spending 11 days at Mt Kurama (45 mins by train from Kyoto), where she did hiking, self-reflection, and Reiki, as well as connected with Nature and Japanese spiritual beings and people. Mt Kurama was chosen due to being the place where the Sensei Mikao Usui founded Reiki.

Rochelle's Background:
Rochelle is a Fire Tiger in Chinese Astrology. Being a Fire Tiger, Rochelle is naturally dynamic and possesses immense will-power.

Coming from a multi-ethnic background (Australian, Filipina, Spanish, German, and English), those who know Rochelle would say this diverse mix adds to her bubbly personality.

Rochelle’s Grand-Mother (Lola) and Great Grand-Mother were both Faith Healers in the Philippines. Her Lola had very strong spiritual beliefs, however, decided that family responsibility was paramount, so during and after World War 2, ceased her Faith Healer work.

Rochelle’s own Mother is a Registered Nurse with strong skills in Paediatric Nursing and PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care) Nursing, who learned Therapeutic Touch at Flinders’ University (her training had been organised through her Professional Nursing Development group).
Rochelle has had strong family support from a young age, which has helped her to diversify her knowledge-base and understanding of the world.

During her teenage years, Rochelle was involved in many extra-curricular activities. At High School, Rochelle was involved in A-Grade Swimming, Musicals, Choir, Debating and Public Speaking, Press Club, and was Co-President of the History and Politics Club (she organized for South Australian Senator, Nick Xenophon, to speak at the club).

Rochelle was also in the Australian Air Force Cadets (AAFC) and achieved the rank of Cadet Under Officer (CUO), obtaining 3rd placing in her CUO Course at RAAF Base Edinburgh. Rochelle also represented Australia at the 2006 International Air Cadet Exchange (IACE) in The Netherlands.
While in the AAFC, Rochelle met her husband. They married in The Philippines in 2010, and had their Renewal of Vows 1 week and 1 day later - with Elvis at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas (the same Elvis that married Hamish & Andy). Rochelle and her husband have had the opportunity to live not only in Australia but also in Japan.

Childhood Experiences:
As a young person, Rochelle did not think she would travel down the path of a Spiritual Healer. Her sister had been the Chosen One by their Lola, having “The Sight” and Clairaudience from an early age. However, one sister refused these natural abilities, and the other fostered them – due to the understanding that although a person has their eyes and ears shut it doesn’t mean those beings just go away.

Rochelle has met Shadow People since she was a teenager, including the Hat Man. Having the help of a friend’s mother – who was also a Reiki Practitioner and Angelic Healer, Rochelle was introduced to Reiki and working with beings such as Archangel Michael.

Rochelle decided to postpone her Spiritual duties until the age of 30; since she wanted to build strong foundations for herself in this world and did not feel wise enough (in this lifetime) to properly guide others - she was able to achieve this with the help of Archangel Michael. During her 20s, Rochelle did a lot of self-study and self-reflection, and began building on personal experiences in all aspects of her life, in order to have a strong basis as a Way-Shower.

Rochelle offers: Reiki Chakra Balancing & Distant Reiki, Space Clearing & Spirit Counselling, Oracle Card sessions with Tea & Reiki, English Conversation

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